Who Do We Represent?

Quill Shift Literary Agency represents new, undiscovered writers and seasoned writers of fiction that appeal to a range of readers from the very young child to the mature young adult. These writers must be imaginative, skillful wordsmiths who value a collaborative working experience and understand that the changing nature of the industry means they are required to not only write great material, but they must be ready to connect with their particular audience in multiple ways.


Quill Shift Literary Agency has a special interest in representing previously unpublished fiction writers for readers between the ages of 8 and 18 who weave exciting new ideas, strange places, and interesting, diverse characters into their stories. The characters should be dealing with the complex and simple everyday problems of adolescent life. Self-discovery and shifting world views are a must and all the trappings of genre fiction (romance, mystery, sci-fi, fantasy) are welcome.


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