What Do We Do?

Quill Shift Literary Agency LLC is a boutique agency representing the intellectual property rights of authors who create quality books for children and young adults. Our clients receive dedicated care to ensure long-term careers. Traditional representation services include:


  • Editorial Consultation
  • Contract Negotiation & Management
  • Subsidiary Rights Sales
  • Business Management
  • Author Care & Advocacy
  • Industry Trend Information
  • Market Analysis
  • Long-term Career Strategy


In addition to the standard services, Quill Shift Literary Agency embraces new technologies and spheres that empower readers in this digital age to join in on the publishing process. This strategically designed to expand and strengthen the reach of an authors’ works. These enhanced services include:


  • Pre-publication Platform Creation & Audience Buzz
  • Self-publishing Facilitation
  • Social Media Assistance


Quill Shift Literary Agency ensures its authors’ success by constantly watching the market and, when necessary, identifying and market-testing their work through social media and crowdfunding to further demonstrate commercial appeal. Readers support what they truly want to read before it even gets published, which leads to the delivery of new, multi-dimensional talent that meets the stringent criteria for traditional publishing.


Quill Shift Literary Agency welcomes published and aspiring writers of children’s and young adult fiction to submit to the agency. We have a keen interest in new authors writing for diverse audiences.