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Ayanna Coleman founded Quill Shift Literary Agency in 2013. With an educational background in marketing and English, Ayanna has worked within the publishing industry at a publishing house, literary agencies, as a book reviewer, and many years as a children’s librarian. She also earned a Master of Science degree in Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois, currently the top program in the nation.


As a child, and later as a librarian, Ayanna noticed that the books that could capture a child’s imagination and create a lifelong reader were not getting into children’s hands. Children (and their parents, teachers, and librarians) weren’t discovering the right books…or they hadn’t been created yet. With that in mind, Ayanna created Quill Shift Literary Agency to not only help usher books worthy of inspiring a passion for reading in children through the publication process, but to also encourage worthwhile story discovery before the book is even published.


Charlene Adhiambo's love for writing began at the age of eight when she began to retell her favorite books, and now, as an Editorial Intern at QSLA, she gets to read manuscripts that may one day leave as much of an impact on future readers as the novels of her childhood did on her.

Charlene Adhiambo


Emily Kramer discovered the magical world of books at age four when HAROLD AND THE PURPLE CRAYON showed her what was possible with a little imagination. Now, as the Marketing & Publicity Intern at QSLA, she is thrilled to have a role in bringing similar adventures to all children.

Emily Kramer

Marketing & Publicity

Aimee Lucido has loved writing ever since she strong-armed an English teacher into letting her write a short story instead of an essay for her final paper during her sophomore year of high school. Aimee is a software engineer by day, and an Editorial Intern for QSLA by night.

Aimee Lucido


Nicole Pierce has been addicted to stories since Kindergarten where she would sneak into the library during nap times. Currently, she’s an Editorial Intern with QSLA and enjoying every minute of it. For her, helping writers get their stories into readers' hands is a dream come true.

Nicole Pierce


Marleen Seegers, Co-founder of 2 Seas Agency, helps find the perfect home for quality books in international markets. 2 Seas Agency represents foreign rights on behalf of an exciting variety of authors, publishers and agents from around the world and is excited to represent QSLA.

Marleen Seegers

Foreign Rights

Nyameeche Upshur first began reading in pre-school, when she discovered the word “JAM” on an index card. She learned that reading can actually be considered a career by watching movies like The Holiday and The Proposal and is excited to enter the field as an Editorial Intern for QSLA.

Nyameeche Upshur