Agency Services

Quill Shift Literary Agency offers foundation services that nourish our writers’ success. These services include the following:

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Editorial Guidance

The editing doesn't stop once you finish your story. When you submit to Quill Shift Literary Agency we comb over your work like editors at publishing houses to ensure rich character voice, strong pacing, and engrossing settings.

Pre-publication Platform & Audience Buzz Creation

This website acts as an audience-building publicity machine for the Quill Shift Literary Agency authors, garnering more interest and participation in their projects by readers before they are sold to publishing houses.

Author Care & Advocacy

Agents are your eye in the publishing storm. We're here to help you succeed in whatever way is best for you as a writer. Part of that job is making sure the business side of things is handled efficiently and effectively so that you can focus on writing. Another part is helping you navigate a clear path for future success.