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Agency Process

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1) Submit Project

The writer submits their manuscript by filling out the form on the Authors Page on the Quill Shift Literary Agency Website. The writer will receive a response 4-6 weeks after submission.

2) Upload Project

If the manuscript is accepted by the Agency, it must complete the pre-publication platform & buzz creation process before the Agency submits it to publishing houses.

3) Readers Donate

A portion of the manuscript resides on the Website for one month while it undergoes the buzz creation process. Shifters, readers from across the web who want to support new talent, will read the manuscript and donate money to see it become a physical book.

4) Send to Publishers

After the donation period has come to a close, if the manuscript has reached its goal amount--showing that the market will support it--Quill Shift Literary Agency will submit the project to a select group of editors at publishing houses.